✿MoviestarPlanet: Cousin Hacking Me

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Yes, this video is about my cousin hacking me. I know this because it was planned. If you can’t see me horrible acting then you wouldn’t know so thats why I am being VERY straight forward now. She made an account and we deleted it but glitched it so they could be like a hacker. Big deal in that. SHES NOT REAL. Please don’t say you go hacked by her because thats a lie. Deleted User/My cousin can’t hack and either can I. So please stop saying “how do you know”, “i got hacked by her”, or swear in your sentence because that will just be removed (or when I’m lazy it will stay there). You know my bedtime, not my story (you actually don’t know my bedtime… I don’t even have a bed time) SO thanks for watching and don’t comment below the examples I gave previously because its annoying, some people get it… and some people are very gullible and believe this even when I updated the videos name to: “Cousin Hacking Me”. Okay goodbye!



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