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Hey! I wanted to make sure that this msp hack was easy for everyone to see how it works. Using this cheat tool, you can get free VIP on MSP, as well as starcoins and diamonds. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to how much you can generate either – me and my clique (lol) have been having a blast with this.

The webpage is –

I know a lot of people search for how to hack MSP, so I figured I would share the information gratuit/free. I wanted to do something nice, pay it forward.

The coolest thing about these cheats is that there’s no download at all, it’s an online cheat tool for msp. You can do it on Android or iOS. There’s also an option for PC – but to be honest, none of my friends have the PC version so I don’t know if it works and I’m not going to lie and say it does when I haven’t tested it out. That said, the Android and iOS part of the tool really does work on moviestarplanet.

But a warning…

You guys really don’t want to abuse this or it’ll get fixed. Share it among your closest friends but don’t go spreading it around too much. I might even make this video private after a little while if it gets too popular. I don’t want EVERYONE to become msp hackers, you know?

Anyway, please like and subscribe for more content like this. I’ll try and keep people updated 🙂

MSP (Moviestarplanet) on iOS:

MSP (Moviestarplanet) on Android:
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Movie Star Planet Hack - Click Here To Continue