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IF YOU HAVE THE MUSTACHE GIFT IT TO SOMEONE ELSE! (Or so I heard someone say.) AND IF YOU CAN’T… You’re doomed like me. -_-
Email MSP about the mustache so we can stop the madness.
Usa: emily56426
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I honestly don’t know what is going on besides someone hacked MSP and now they are getting locked out.. I am staying on my account on hide so that way I HOPEFULLY don’t get locked out. Some people say to wear red and no rares otherwises you get Locked out/Banned. I think the mustache is a rare tbh and I don’t know!! Nothing happened for me. I think you should just give it to a backup account then to a noob account or Trade it or something. Here is the link to the video I WATCHED: //// Here is Torib)’s youtube: Like , comment , subscribe and share your stories down below!! 😀 🙂 C: ALSO HERES THE GURLS YOUTUBE CHANNEL THE ONE IN SKYPE! :

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MSP Glitches & Cheats

movie star planet cheats tool

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Updated on: April 23rd 2015
– The naked glitch still works! I just did it again 🙂
– But the updated version is much faster.. so you do NOT wait 6-7 seconds until you remove the pants. Depending on the speed of your laptop/computer.. it can take to a minimum of waiting 2 seconds :3

Updated on: April 26th 2015
– The naked glitch still worked for me!
– I literally had to remove the pants in less then 1 second though… msp has gotten crazy fast!!

Updated on: June 09th, 2015
– I understand how the “Naked Glitch” hasn’t been working properly for most people atm.. I’m trying to figure out a solution so please be patient 🙂

Common Questions/Comments Answered——-
1: you dont need a pet no for the drag to the top thing
~ Yes I know, the drag to the ‘top thing’ is a part of the second glitch. Keep watching the video to understand please

2: What Program?
~ I use Sony Vegas Pro 12

3: i did the first glitch and i can’t have them there anymore 🙁 what do i do? Please help!!
~ When you log out, and log back in… they will be back 🙂

4: What Msp are you on/ Can you add me?
~ I am on the USA Msp and on the Canadian (Don’t use canadian often) msp, and I don’t have time to add everyone, please add me if you want to be friends.

5: What’s the name of the song?
~ Mambo no. 5

because why not!
haha these are some glitches & Cheats that I used sometimes!
Uhm I just recently learned the naked glitch thoughh ;3

Check out my…
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MovieStarPlanet glitch how to get 10000 coins instantly

hope it helped you out like and subscribe for more tips and fun. (trolololo)
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